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Keepin' It Real with Cam Marston

Mar 28, 2022

The young engineer couldn't read the schematic. The owner of the company had no idea how to do the software update. Individually, they were helpless. 

Mar 18, 2022

My first golf tournamanet revealed quite a few things about me and my people that I'd prefer to not acknowledge.

(This commentary disappeared off the Keepin' It Real podcasts and I'm repostiing it at the request of a friend. Originally posted 9/16/19.)

Mar 12, 2022

I took a break from preparing my mother's eulogy to write this week's commentary. 

Mar 5, 2022

If you feel you're owed an apology from me from my antics around Mardi Gras, get in line,

Mar 3, 2022

Mark Twain said we all need to get out of our own little corner once in a while. I couldn't agree more.