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Keepin' It Real with Cam Marston

Oct 29, 2022

Sometimes when escaping the rat race you find yourself becoming a rat. 


Air travel brings out something in people that, in normal life, stays hidden. It’s the combination of the expense, non-negotiable departure times, lots of uncertainty, and lots and lots of people packed into tight confines. Then...

Oct 21, 2022

A young man asked "My customers keep telling me I remind them of their children. What should I do?" 


A young man approached Tuesday after my seminar in Orlando. “I’m twenty-four years old,” he said “and when I’m making sales calls, people say I remind them of their son. How am I supposed to take...

Oct 14, 2022

My friends and I attend an organ recital together each week. It's not what you think...


The pickle ball bug has bitten. A buddy put together a group of guys all about the same age to play each Wednesday evening not long ago. We all showed up, most of us knew each other, debated the rules for a while,...

Oct 8, 2022

Lots of talk about "quiet quitters" with my clients these days. Here's what I'm learning about them and about the companies who aren't having any problems with them. 


Quiet quitting is all the talk with my corporate seminar clients these days. Many don’t understand it, nor do they understand why...